Sunday, June 6, 2010


well, i went to the doctors, and the phsyciatrist. Doctor made me do a depression test, and apparently im depressed cos she directed me to the phsyciatrist. ive been once there...and the lady who im talking to is nice, but...shes..well you can tell shes treating me like the biggest kid ever. i might be fourteen, but theres no need for little girl jokes...i was pretending to laugh at them. Im due back there tomorrow. great. Hopefully she has the aircon on this time cos last session i was sweating on her leather seats :/ shouldnt have worn skinnies, and a jumper. haha. I have the biggest cold right now. Winter is taking over ahhh! i cant rely on my nose to breath anymore, all blocked.
and on top of everything thats been happening to me, a family "friend" decided he would play god and tell my twin sister she was a stubborn bitch...and more but lets not get into the details.. so i say, fuck his family. My sister is having a tough time on her own too, not that im gonna share her story, but she has every right to be a stubborn bitch, especially to dickheads like him..

so thats whats happening now. :/ ill post soon :)



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