Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ultimate Pity Party

well today was so ordinary, that i thought the same ordinary things were going to happen. So i had PE, Home ec, Math, and English. all the same working work at all. :) And me, my friend and my other friend (lol)went around trying to get some money off people we knew. turns out the other friend had ten dollars in her wallet anyway, so we really didnt need to scab that extra 6. We bought lunch, got in trouble for eating that lunch in an out of bounds area, and that was it for school really. But walking home...well, i was walking. (no duh) and i had my headphones in, my awesome grey jacket on..and some guy rode past me on his bike. he turned around and smiled at me before riding off again. Oh..did i mention he was hot? haha. buuttt all good things must come to an soon as i got home my 18 year old sister started going off at me for no reason. same old same old. but this time..i dont know...maybe its because im in withdrawal from cutting myself or..i dont know but...i went to my room..and cried. I CRIED. From a one minute yelling session... i cried. but Renee (my online councellor) says its okay to cry. but i think differently. if i start crying over little things like that im going to become a little drama queen. D: and NOBODY likes a drama queen. especially me >.< so thats my day. and so i guess i havent really improved. in fact i think ive gotten alot worse after this pity party.


emma xx


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