Monday, May 24, 2010


well, i cant say i didnt see it coming. what i havnt told you yet, is i fell "in love" with her boyfriend and she still managed to forgive me. But...shes been acting really normal with me. not sure if its acting but..its like my best friend doesnt want to talk to me anymore. When i text her with "hello" she always cuts the non existant conversation short by saying something like "okay, bye ems xoxo really miss you. talk to you soon". How am i supposed to know she still likes me? i havnt talked to her in ages now. Her facebook posts have been saying things like "i love my bffl's" meaning there is another best friend, who she talks to, and is actually able to hang out with. Well. im here, six hours away from her and have no idea if she still wants to be my friend. i dont blame her...friends for 4 years and i just HAD to go and "like" her boyfriend...Id liked him for a while. then he emailed me saying he loved me...he wrote it in a song..well that put me on the spot of chosing him? or her? so i chose her and this is where i am...i dont want to lose a friend like her..

So being replaced comes with alot of other feelings...alone, hurt...discouraged..did i say alone? sucks.

so byes for now.

emma xx


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