Friday, May 21, 2010


Have you ever had the feeling..or the moment...that your life is going absolutly nowhere? that you have nobody to live for...nothing to look forward to....that its all just...over.

Now dont get me wrong. ive had this moment lots of times. but...this time...its like..i KNOW its not going to get any better. I just have to stop it from getting worse. And..its kind of sad..but my life is pretty good compared to others out there. its that im complaining about mine..and they're not. I have parents who care...a beautiful best friend...its just i feel so far away from everyone...i feel alone. I AM alone. I sat for two hours yesterday looking over the river.. see where i live, there is a river..about a five minute walk from my house. next to the river, somebody was nice enough to put a seat/bench there. Who knows how many people had sex on that chair. but i didnt care. yesterday, i was sitting there, hoping somebody, anybody, would come and talk to me. my best friend who is six hours away, has...well not stopped talking to me..she's..well maybe she might. but we havnt talked, and im becoming desperate. i have a feeling im being replaced. Im more alone than ever.

thanks guys :)

emma xx


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