Monday, May 17, 2010

2nd day is paradise :)

Today was like a storybook..or a know how if your sad, it will just coincidentally rain? Well that happened today. And gee...was it cold. i was jumperless. all day, i was shivering looking at other people with umbrellas. envy written on my face. i was sad because of the ussual. i got in trouble with the school again for not going to form class. Late note it was. But no..the school hates me because i wagged. good start for me seeing as i JUST moved here like two months ago. im pretty sure i have a reputation for being an emo, drugged up slut. if thats what they think then sure, lets just go with that then shall we? i laugh when people call me emo, because nobody knows that i actually AM. so that was my day. no councellor nothing. but my twin sister, who i thought i meant nothing to, told me she lived for me and her boyfriend. We were happy all afternoon. first time we have gotten along for a while now. so right now i can smile and mean it. :) I havnt cut myself for a week now. So i guess im either progressing or bottling it up without realizing it. thanks guys

emma xx


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